Our passion for video and technology makes us your ideal marketing partner.

We’re a core of two (both called Paul, which is always a great ice-breaker), supported by a team skilled in the all disciplines you need for marketing success – video production, animation, branding and design and digital marketing. 

Together, we will help you use video to grow your business or organisation.

Marketing these days is all about the intersection of video and technology – which is fortunate for both us and you, as it’s where we love to be, and it’s where you need to be.

Paul Connolly, Managing Director

Paul C has three business passions: video, words and technology. So this is his dream job.

Before the world of video, Paul had 25 years’ experience at senior levels in the news media.

Fun fact: As a young journalist, Paul was present in Westminster Abbey for the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales watched by 2.5 billion people.

Paul McParland, Director of Photography

Paul McP is an experienced filmmaker with degrees in Film & Moving Image Production and in Documentary Practice.

His role is to assesses and advise on all things related to filming. He also is chief videographer on key projects and directs our team of videographers.

Fun fact: Paul’s feature documentary John T Davis: His Own Trail has been screened at international film festivals


We’re supported by a great team of people – videographers, drone pilots, editors, animators, copywriters, branding, PR and digital marketing experts.