How to livestream your meeting for a bigger audience

November 2, 2021 Paul Connolly

We’ll remember 2020 and 2021 for some difficult reasons, but also for some better ones – workplaces changed and livestream became a key marketing tool.

For businesses, charities, public bodies and other organisations, livestreaming is a great way to spread your message.

You can now reach new audiences for your business breakfast or charity news launch from the comfort of their own home or office.

Now you can:

  • Inform
  • Educate
  • Grow your influence
  • Launch new products or initiatives
  • and hold news and other events.

No serious business or organisation wants to hold an event over Zoom. It’s unnatural and a poor experience.

The modern way is to invite some people to your physical event – and invite a whole lot more to attend and engage online.

Setting aside poor-quality smartphone streaming, there are two options for livestreaming. You can pay a small fortune to an AV company (the kind you see at conferences with multiple camera people and a mixing desk), or you can use a dedicated livestreaming camera.

For smaller events, we recommend the latter. But how do you do it?


Smartvideo’s livestream service for smaller events can help you double or even triple the audience.  We can even broadcast to separate platforms simultaneously, for example a LinkedIn group and a Facebook group.

Livestreaming example – a business breakfast

Let’s say you want to bring in a key influencer for a business breakfast. Now you can invite some people along to the hotel, but also livestream to your online audience in the comfort of their own homes. And it’s much less expensive than a full AV set-up.

The best thing is to have your provider come along beforehand and check the set-up out.

This, for example, is the way we do it at Smartvideo. After a phone consultation, we arrive on site several days before and confirm the technical side of things.

Then on the day we’ll arrive early and set up our special livestream camera and also rig the sound. We’ll stream it to your platform.

It’s a one-person operation, so you have no expensive costs to worry about.

For example, with our recent livestream for Belfast’s No Alibis bookstore, which gathered almost a thousand views in five days, we streamed it direct to their Facebook page.

Book and music lovers were able to interact during and immediately after the event.

You can stream almost anywhere now, including LinkedIn and YouTube (although your YouTube page needs at least 1,000 followers).

Get in touch to see how you can get bigger audiences for your small events.